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Difficulty Ratings

Understanding our difficulty ratings:

5 - Very Hard. These kits are very difficult and can be daunting to the average painter due to the high level of detail involved. We do not recommend these kits to beginners nor people who have difficulty seeing. To help you see the very small shapes and numbers more clearly, you may find it helpful to use a magnifying light and/or digital blueprints (that we can provide upon request). Not only do these kits have the most 'photo realistic' look to them upon completion, but they offer a huge sense of achievement and major bragging rights. You've been warned ;)

4 - Hard. These kits are for the average painter who enjoys a bit of a challenge; they offer a higher level of detail than your average kit, but are nothing that makes you want to pull your hair out. While we do not recommend these kits for beginners, there are some beginners that may enjoy the challenge.

3 - Medium. These are your average 'Paint by Number' kits that are enjoyed by beginners and veterans alike. While these kits generally do not offer too much of a challenge, most people will find them to be the most fun, relaxing, and therapeutic. 

2 - Easy. These are most enjoyed by beginners. While these kits mostly consist of bigger shapes, they will have some small and medium sized shapes to give the design a small level of detail. These kits are great if you don't want to stress about them being too challenging.

1 - Very Easy. These kits are extremely easy and are the equivalent of children coloring books that have big shapes and numbers. These kits offers no challenge at all to most people and generally do not have many details. These kits usually look cartoon-ish upon completion. We do not offer these kits at this time. 

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