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About us

We will be working on this very soon, stay tuned... But for now, here's a short summary about us:

We met while Curtis was in the Air Force and Eugrnia was earning her degree in Architecture. We were long distance for awhile, but took every opportunity we could to see each other. We eventually had our wedding in 2012 after we finished our obligations and then moved to the beautiful Pacific NorthWest and bought a house here in Washington. We've been living here for the last 5 years with our little one and have been loving every minute of it!

We started this shop because we wanted to do something more than just our normal, mundane jobs. We wanted to do something that people would find entertaining and relaxing, so we decided to start selling Paint by Number kits. We have loved every minute that we have spent working on our shop and love to see how much people enjoy our little shop!
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Golden Gate Bridge at Twilight
Charna Watts (Texas, United States)
Loved it!

Completed it recently to give as a Christmas gift.

Fruit and Flowers
DC (Tennessee, United States)
Pretty composition

This is a pretty still life composition ... the contrast of the white flowers with the rich colors in the fruit bowl adds a light, bright element that makes this painting so unique. The wood grain detail was a challenge to paint that required patience, but I felt a real sense of accomplishment at the realistic end result. Highly recommended!

Autumn Leaves
Christie Trout (Michigan, United States)
Lovely result with two caveats

I was very happy with the amount of detail for a realistic result. The drawbacks were that many of the paints lacked enough pigment to cover in one, even two coats. Close inspection reveals numbers showing through. And many of the lines are so thin and faint - especially around the smaller cells - I found myself painting into neighboring cells. Even using a magnifier. BUT the overall result is pleasing and I will likely make another purchase from this company.

Autumn Pumpkins
Norene P (Indiana, United States)

Loved doing this one. Looks so real!

Dahlia Dream
DC (Tennessee, United States)
Fantastic colors

I've done about a dozen paint by numbers over the last year, but this one is my very favorite. The colors are stunning. Excellent quality kit...highly recommended for both beginners and experienced painters.