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  • Midnight Butterflies
    Midnight Butterflies
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My 90-year old grandma painted it. It was a gift for Christmas

Makes me smile

This PBN blew me away. I get really focused on accurately filling in the numbers as precisely as I can. I was startled by how photograph-like the end result is. I've done lots of paint by numbers... They tend to have a certain look to them...but not these. Our Paint Addiction is top notch. Every single Kitt I've ordered has turned out incredibly well. ❤️

One if my favs!

Really looks real.

So great to revisit a favorite spot

I loved Cinque Terra and it was so great to find your rendition!
I have been a Paint by Number fan since my first one given to me to keep me busy so my Mom could watch a political convention!
The paints were great - so glad I didn't have to mix anything and it turned out perfectly.
My favorite sets are the ones of places I have traveled to and I have a room designated to display them in my home.
I would love to find some to paint of famous places in the US like Washington DC or our National Parks.
Thanks to Oprah my daughter saw this one and gave it to me for Christmas.
Job well done to Paint Addictions!


Hi, Really like the piece so far. VERY difficult:) With the lines and numbers were printed in grey as the black is nearly impossible to cover and I'm having to use a white pen to cover the lines and even then some of them are still showing up and even on some of the darker reds. And yes I have tried to double and triple coat. Very frustrating especially with so many light colors in the piece. Still having fun. Just painstakingly tedious with those pesky black lines and numbers.